Wednesday, April 8, 2009

They're like popcorn

Today Amelia and her lambs moved out of the jug and into the stable. I don't think Chloe or Xeno stopped bouncing the whole time I was there unless they were drinking.

Here's the best picture I could get of Chloe so far. She was 5lbs at birth which is small in my mind but full of energy now. Here she is bouncing as her mother looks on. Obviously future sheep gymnastic star.

And here's Xeno sporting the latest fashion accessory, soon all of this years lambs will  be wearing them. He weighed a very respectable 5 and 3/4lbs and is very cute despite his unfortunate name (all of this years rams have to start with an X). 

Here they are getting ready for take off and mid-bounce. Their poor momma has her hands (or hooves) full with these two but is doing great.

The other sheep are so far not following Amelia's fine example. But they are getting very large. I expect twins out of Sabrina and Jewel but maybe only a large single out of Gypsy as it is her first year. Hermione is a few months behind (baaaad girl) and not due until the middle of May. 

All of the chicks are doing well. The cats and dogs are interested in the brooder - which is a baby play pen - but at least listen when we tell them to leave the chicks alone. Watching chicks is almost better than TV. 

Hopefully more lambs will grace this blog soon. Until then have a great day.


  1. Great shot of Chloe 'mid-air'!
    Thanks for the smile...

  2. Even the calves run and jump, but lambs do it better. I like when they do it when they are older. Silly old creatures.

  3. Nancy, it was hard to get her with her tiny feet on the ground. I'm glad I could give you a smile.

    Sharrie wow that would be something to see. I can't say as I've ever seen a jumping calf. And yes I love it when the sheep get all silly and jump around.