Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who's first? You tell me

Because I thought Jewel would be first but Amelia has beaten her already. So feel free to guess who's first, when and what they will have :) So here's some backside views. 

Jewel. Well the important bits anyway lol.


And Gypsy.

In other news I opened up part of the middle pasture and now the boys and non-pregnant ewes are enjoying the grass. This is Ian (my son) and my incredibly wonderful mellow ram Dreamer enjoying the sunshine, I swear he's smiling.

And getting belly rubs from Fiona (my daughter).

And Sunny just because he's super handsome too.

Still no more lambs at Ridgeway Farm but hopefully not long to go. How many will there be? I've no idea.


  1. Jewel looks like she's ready to have those babies! I'd say Sabrina and Gypsy have a few days to go.

    Talk about SPOILED rams!!!!!


    Just PLEASE watch him closely as he matures! Rams that are that comfortable around people can be very dangerous as they age. With no fear of people and close proximity if his hormones suddenly kick in it could be disastrous...

  2. Well you were right.

    And yes as much as I love my rams I make sure I watch them very closely and tell everyone else the same. His hormones only seem to be an issue in breeding season so far. Yesterday he lay down beside me in the sun and slept lol.